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    The spectrum of pediatric surgery is very diverse:

    Phimosis, recurring urinary tract infections, accidents with bone fractures, acute and chronical abdominal pain, appendicitis, complex congenital malformations are only a small extract of that manifold subject.


    Therefore, supplementary studies, e.g. blood tests or ultrasound examinations are often necessary


    In my practice I have the possibility to perform an ultrasound examination, as well as to determine inflammation parameters and thus draw conclusions on the current diagnosis or actual treatment success


    However, examination of my patients and dialogue with my patients and their parents remain the most important tools in diagnostics.


    Stationary, Outpatient, in the Doctor’s Office or Hospital?

    In most cases and if possible, outpatient treatment in the Doctor’s Office is the best and least stressful for my small patients.


    How can you care for a cut or wound without leaving a scar?

    Lacerations on the face, for example, can often be treated using skin adhesive, which most commonly leads to a the best cosmetic result and almost invisible scars. However, this is not always possible, depending on the location, type and size of the injury.


    A sliver can sometimes be very difficult to remove, an ingrown toenail can be very painful but they can both be treated effectively using a gentle, local anaesthetic.


    When it comes to surgery, sometimes an inpatient treatment in a local hospital is necessary. Good planning and dialogue, in cooperation with both you and the patient, pave the way for the least stressful treatment of your child.


    With small interventions, such as circumcisions or other minor surgery, a day-long clinical stay is often possible with admission in the morning and discharge, post-operation, on the same day.

  • emergency

    If there is any suspicion of an acute or life-threatening emergency, contact the rescue service immediately by dialing 144!


    Hospitals that offer an emergency outpatient department for pediatric surgery are:


    AKH Kinderambulanz

    Währinger Gürtel 18-20,1090 Vienna

    Telephone: 01/ 40400-32290


    Kinderambulanz SMZ-Ost

    Langobardenstraße 122, 1220 Vienna

    Telephone: 01/ 28802-4350 or -4351


    Hospitals that offer an emergency outpatient department for pediatrics are:



    Juchgasse 25, 1030 Vienna

    Telephone: 01/ 711 65-0


    St. Anna Kinderspital

    Kinderspitalgasse 6, 1090 Vienna

    Telephone: 01/ 40170-2100


    Wilhelminenspital der Stadt Vienna

    1160 Wien, Montleartstraße 37

    Telephone: 01/ 49150-0 or -2810


    Important emergency Numbers:


    Intoxication Information Hotline 01/ 406 43 43

    Doctors emergency (Notarzt) service 141


    Euro-Emergency Number 112

    Ambulance Service 144

    Police 133

    Fire Department 122

  •  philosophy

    Children's medicine needs time, but children should not have to wait.


    It has always been my highest claim to treat every of my patients as if it was my own child


    As a private doctor, I have the flexibility to take the extra time needed to treat your child in the best way possible. It is important to me, as I am sure it is for you, that all questions concerning your child´s health, can be answered clearly and completely.


    Patients and their parents are always being informed about available diagnostic and therapeutic options. Parents are an active part of all necessary therapy planned.


    Should an unpleasant examination or therapy be unavoidable, I make sure to inform and prepare my patients and their parents well in advance.


    Careful examination of your child needs a relaxed atmosphere, good timing and flair.


    In order to keep the waiting times as short as possible, I ask you to come to your prearranged appointments on time so that no child has to wait any longer than necessary. Waiting times usually don´t exceed a few minutes.


    Especially as a pediatric surgeon, it is important for me to continuously stay up to date and to train, but also to know my competencies and limits. In case of any specific diagnoses, beyond the normal range of pediatric surgery, I may recommend to you a specialist or centre of excellence to ensure the absolute best of care for your child.

  • diagnoses


    Below, you may find a selection of typical diagnoses within the normal range of pediatric surgery.


    Abdominal pain -abdominalgia



    Auricular appendix

    Bedwetting - Enuresis


    Congenital malformations - analatresia, Esophageal atresia, duodenal atresia, malrotation, Hirschsprung´s disease, omphalocele, etc.


    Dislocated elbow - pronatio dolorosa

    Dog bites / animal bites - Vulnus morsum canis


    Faecal blood - hematochecia

    Foreign body - corpus alienum


    Gastroesophageal Reflux


    Hydrocele testis

    Incontinence, hyperactive bladder

    Ingrowing toenail - Unguis incarnatus

    Inguinal Hernia

    Laceration-  Vulnus lacerocontusum



    Retractile testes - Maldescensus testis

    Shortened lip frenulum - Frenulum breve labii

    Shortened foreskin frenulum - Frenulum breve praeputii

    Shortened tongue frenulum - Frenulum breve linguae

    Sports injury, muscle strain

    Tick ​​bite - Vulnus morsum ixodes ricinus

    Transient synovitis of the hip - Coxitis fugax

    Umbilical hernia

    Urethral malformation - hypospadia

    Urinary tract infections / cystitis

    Vesicoureteral reflux

  • dr. omar sarsam


    Dr. Omar Sarsam



    As a pediatric surgeon I have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of childhood and adolescence.


    After finishing my medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna, I completed my training as a certified specialist for pediatric and adolescent surgery in Vienna's Donauspital (SMZ-Ost)


    I consider it a tremendous privilege to pursue a profession in which I can treat and help children of all ages.


    In addition to my great passion for medicine, I have a second passion, comedy. There´s still space for my number one passion - my family. My wife and I are proud parents of two children aged 2 and 7.








 Dr. Omar Sarsam


Praxis im 2. Bezirk:

Castellezgasse 37/10

1020 Wien


Praxis im 19. Bezirk:

Sonnbergplatz 7/10

1190 Wien


Telefonnummer: +43 677 62 353 144

Email: mail@kinderambulanz.at





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